Marketing Facets to a Wider Audience

I have had little time to warm up to the aspect of actually marketing my book. I have already sent out several letters of intent to libraries and art organizations, with little success at responses. It is time to have a back up plan.

Marketing is a large percentage of how well your book will sell. One of the most important questions to ask is “Why would anyone want to buy my product?” So you need to market yourself as well as your book or product. Face to face contact is always good, especially when you are trying to sell a book or set up a lecture.

I do hope this will lead to lectures in libraries and senior centers, as well as at colleges and universities. So far I have received a rejection from a local library regarding my leading a discussion about Facets. Once again, I did not sell my book well enough to the library. It is quite frustrating, but once I present an analysis of one of the poems and one of the photos to the librarians, they may finally see there is more to this book than meets the initial read.

My original intent was to package my book and my photography into a combined show, and approach primarily art organizations. That was assuming they would actually agree to carry such a show. I have discovered it is much easier said then done, as the rejections from galleries and art organizations has shown. I did not properly sell my product or myself to the people I contacted, so I have hitched up my suspenders, put on some makeup, and now I shall try a different method.

I realize I need to convince my perspective targets they want my books and photos by giving them some actual reasons, primarily as a percentage of sales. I have also joined several poetry organizations that will make announcements to other members that I have a book of poetry. They in turn may seek out the vendor I leave my book at. I have to prove to that vendor there is a market, and where my connections are that may stop in to buy the book.

I now am ready to approach gift shops in hospitals, local shops such as The Red and White in Tolland, CT., and Thistleglass Crafts in Ellington, CT. Facets is a lovely book to give to an English major, or as an uplift to someone who is hospitalized. There are poems that beg discussion between readers of the poems, and there are poems of reflection. There are several poems that celebrate women in various facets of their lives, and show some of what women endure in their journey of life, as well as the joys and balance they bring to others lives.

I have developed a sample agreement between seller and author. I do hope that it covers all contingencies, and is understandable and easy to read. I would ask that if anyone borrows my format to please notify me before using it. I would also appreciate any feedback regarding the agreement and if it seems to cover all the bases for my particular brand of marketing. Stay posted for the results of my marketing and any successes in consigning my books to local shops and hospitals. I will update locations where the book may be found.







Sample Agreement.

Author/Seller Agreement

Book Title ____________________________________________
Author _______________________________________________
Address ______________________________________________
Address 2 _____________________________________________
City _______________________ State _____ Zip___________
Contact email ________________________________________
Contact Phone ________________________________________
Seller ________________________________________________
Address ______________________________________________
Address 2 _____________________________________________
City _______________________ State _____ Zip _____________
Contact email __________________________________________
Contact Phone _________________________________________
Number of Books Consigned __________________
Date of Consignment ________________________
Length of Consignment _______________________
Date of Pick-up ______________________________
Royalty Agreement

It is agreed that (Seller) ___________________________ shall retain (Percentage)__________ of each book sold. The cost
of each book shall be (Price) _____________ and the seller agrees to pay (Dollar)_________________ per book via a
valid check to (Publisher)_____________________________on the ______ of each month.
The seller agrees to keep a valid log or copy of receipts of each sale as it occurs and may request the author/publisher to supply the necessary materials to maintain accurate information.
The seller agrees to collect any and all required sales taxes and business fees required by their state.
It is the responsibility of the author to pay his/her own federal and state income taxes, and to report the amount accurately.                                     Both parties agree that the seller is not responsible for any books that may be stolen.                                                                                                                               Both parties also agree that if the books are not picked up by the publisher or author in the previously agreed allotted time, that it is not the responsibility of the seller to maintain the books and they have every right to destroy the books if pick up time is
overdue, unless they have been contacted of extenuating circumstances that cause the author or publisher to be delayed.

This agreement is made on: Date_______________________________


Publisher ____________________________






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