December Newsletter – Merry Christmas

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What a glorious time of the year to be sharing our art with each other. There are Artist’s Open Studio’s happening all over the eastern part of Connecticut. We have art fairs and holiday parties going on. It is a busy month, not only for artists but for families and local businesses. As we try to ease into Christmas, after stuffing ourselves with wonderful Thanksgiving dinners, let us remember those who don’t have the ability to pursue their creative lives due to poverty, homelessness and job losses. Think about donating some of your art to local shelters or offer your special skill to nursing homes or hospitals. As a poet, I plan on offering a reading at a Vernon nursing home, and my book, Facets, will be donated to Tri-Town Shelter. If you are a photographer, perhaps you might think about heading to a shelter and taking some portraits of the families there so they can share them with their family. There are many ways to share your art, even if it is creating decorated cakes and cookies. Food can be as much an art as painting, writing, or photography. It is the sharing of caring that we can give. We can even extend it into next year and donate our time and skill to those who face hard edges every day.

Hard Edges


On The Street


The flesh eating air
Begins to eat her at sunset.
There are white pines brushing
Her skin with a biting,
Spider mites or something.
They hit her skin and burn it.
The sounds of motors spinning
Are a constant.
She lays in a bed of ferns
With the sky for a roof
And watches the moon
As it makes its way
From east to west.
Below, the glaring headlights
Mask the brilliance of the moon
And it seems there are thousands
Of moons flashing across her closed eyes.
The light is never enough to read
On the dark hillside beside the bridge.
She tries to sleep,
Between 2 and 5 is the best time.
There is a brief relief then.

Exhibit Continues At Monet’s Table

Through the month of December, my photo’s from Facets will continue at Monet’s. I am planning on switching a few of the black and white photos out and replacing them with some color canvases, just to keep the exhibit fresh. Books are still available there for $10.00. Monet’s is located at 167 Tolland Stage Road, Tolland, CT. Their menu is exquisite and well worth a visit on a Wed. afternoon.

Readings and Book Signings

I will be having a reading of Facets at Fox Hill Center in Vernon, CT. the week of December 14. (Postponed until January per request of Fox Hill.) It is still up in the air when it will be, since I have to keep in mind my normal work schedule, but I will post the date when I have firmed it up.

There will also be a book signing and reading on Sunday, December 13 from 1 to 4 p.m. I will be attending the Connecticut Poetry Societies holiday party at the University of Hartford, 1265 Asylum Ave., Hartford, CT. at Butterworth Hall. Facets will be available for purchase at that time. It will be a wonderful time of food, poetry and the love of the written word.

December Open Studio cancelled

Due to the opportunity at U of H, as well as the reading at Fox Hill, I will not be able to have my open studio that I had announced last month. It is not to say I won’t have one later, but I think a better time would be when the lilacs make their annual sweet entrance, letting us know that warmer days are ahead. However, I am always open to a visit by any interested friend or fellow writer. I have the studio decorated for the holidays, complete with a tree and lights wrapped around the open beams. A few Christmas knickknacks peer down from the open wall frame, and the propane heater warms the place up very nicely.IMG_1479

Where Is Facets?

Currently, the book may be found at the following retail shops.

  • Thistle Glass Crafts
  • 50 Main St.
  • Ellington, CT.
  • 860-875-3895


  • The Red and White
  • 46 Tolland Green
  • Tolland, CT.
  • 860-454-0669


  • Monet’s Table
  • 167 Tolland Stage Rd.
  • Tolland, CT.
  • 860-875-7244


  • June Mita
  • 860-424-1845

The marketing will continue through the month of December, as I try to find new shops and retail outlets that might be interested in carrying Facets. I will be making a visit to Barnes and Noble next week in Manchester to find out if they would at least have me do a book signing during National Poetry Month which occurs in April. I will also be heading to their Enfield store as well. There is no harm in trying. The worse that can happen is that they say no.

Have a great holiday season, and support your local artists.

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