Artist’s Info for Current Exhibit

Hello to my friends and family. I wanted to share my information that is posted currently at the Enfield Center Public Library on Middle Rd. in Enfield, CT. Through the end of February, some of my photos from Facets are on display in their community room. I invite all who are interested, to my presentation of the book at the library on February 24th. That is a Wednesday night and will run from 7 p.m. to around 9 p.m. Hope some will come

The Flyer that is at the library

blog header     Welcome to my current exhibit. The photos in this show are from my first published book of poetry and photography. Written under my pen name of Julyn S. Pride, the book is available through Barnes and Noble or through
As a photographer, I believe that if Ansel Adams or Henri Cartier Bresson lived today they would utilize the many digital tools, to expand their working knowledge of the craft of photography. My camera is a digital Sony A35 SLR. Yes, I LOVE digital photography. All the photos I used in the book, save one, were taken digitally.
As a long time poet and aspiring writer, I am not ashamed to say that I self-published Facets on Sept. 17, 2015 through the miracle of economical websites such as Create Space. I have joined the ranks of indie (independent) authors, a recent phenomenon that saw 40% of the e-book dollars going to indie authors for the first 3 quarters of 2015. As an indie author, we are “dominating traditionally published authors” in sci-fi/fantasy, mystery/thriller, and romance genres but — and here is the surprise – we are also taking “significant market share in all genres,” according to Publisher’s Weekly.
Self-publication is not a new phenomenon. Walt Whitman, one of America’s finest treasures, was largely self-published, including his most famous work, Leaves of Grass. The difference today is the ease of self-publication, as well as its cost effectiveness. I am proud to call myself an indie writer and am glad to be in a growing profession. I hope I can continue to be a part of that industry as it evolves and changes.
I have always wanted to find a route to join my photography and my writing. My first combining of the two occurred when I became a journalist/photojournalist for newspapers such as The Journal Inquirer and The Regional Standard. To wear both hats has become necessary to be a successful freelance journalist in modern changing markets. Thankfully I have had formal training in both genres. I received my photography training through the New York Institute of Photography, and my journalism skills through the Communications program at Manchester Community College. I was a fine arts major as well at MCC with a focus on English.
The book, Facets, is a concept piece. The poetry follows a natural flow of life, beginning with our inborn love of nature, and takes the reader through the various phases of life, right to that of spiritual awareness. The photos are my visual interpretation of some facet of each poem. The choice to use largely black and white is to continue the idea of poetry by removing the distraction of color and create a more thought provoking picture.

I hope you will find some common experience as you read the poems and view the photos. Please come to my discussion of Facets at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, February 24. I will be talking about some of the stories behind the poems, as well as my creative processes in the writing of the book. I will read several of the poems from the book, and read a few new ones I am writing for my next collection of poetry and photography. I will have books available to purchase on February 24th ($10.00) if you would like one but do not want to go through Amazon or as a special order through Barnes and Noble. Hope to see you on Feb. 24.


Here is photos of the exhibit in the community room. I have about 20 photos from the book on display at the library.

Front wall at the library.


Back wall at the library.